What about product quality testing?

For our factory, it is our mission to provide our customers with high-quality products at low prices. Let our customers be satisfied with our factory, to establish a long-term relationship, common progress, and common development.

The key to how to satisfy your customers is that your product quality is good, reliable, and trustworthy.

PE Film Resuspension

Why choose us?

Because our factory has an excellent quality control system, an experience forged through years of time and scientific planning. In China’s packaging industry, our factory’s production strength is among the top, with equipment and technology at the forefront. Previously, Huawei processed mobile phone and headphone packaging boxes on behalf of the company, which improved our factory’s technology and strength. Our quality control team has passed the test.

Our team can produce and make top high-end electronic product packaging, so it’s no problem to make packaging boxes for other products. We can produce jewelry boxes, watch boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, cannabis packaging, and much more.

The quality testing of packaging boxes is divided into three parts in my opinion: pre-production testing, in-production testing, and post-production testing.

1、pre-production sample testing, and the development of the inspection process.

2、Inspect raw materials in the factory, to ensure that the materials pass the test.

3、After the raw materials are cut and processed, the quality control department will inspect each piece to ensure that no problems with the printing, cutting, and other steps.

4、After the product starts production, a full online inspection is carried out to test the products one by one.

5、Before preparing to leave the warehouse, a box-by-box sampling inspection will be carried out to ensure uniform quality.

6、Customers can arrange for a third party to carry out the inspection.

The above work is only part of the quality inspection process, all we do is to provide high-quality products to our customers.

When our customers are satisfied, we are assured; when they are not, we will improve.

All we hope for is your trust in us and to maintain long-term cooperation is our claim. Please trust our technology and strength, believe in our factory, and be able to establish more orders.

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