We are very serious about sample making

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Sometimes, the first impression of our customers’ understanding of our factory’s product strength depends on sample making. Therefore, we are very serious and cautious about sample making.

When we communicate with our customers very effectively and decide to make samples, we will collect all the requirements of our customers, including size, color, logo size, printing process, inner lining material, outer material, etc.

You only need to pay a small sample production fee. The sample fee will be reduced or waived when a large order is placed later.

We will immediately coordinate with the engineering department and start making samples for customers, this period is 3-10 days.

We will communicate with the customer through photos and videos and confirm the progress of the sample production. We attach great importance to each order.

First of all, white samples are made, and customers can adjust the samples according to their needs. After ensuring the size and style are OK, we enter the finished sample making.

After the finished sample production, the customer can determine the material and color again and can make a slight adjustment.

After the sample is made again and the customer is satisfied, we will ask the customer to sign the piece, which can be done in various ways. If there is a demand, we will also air the sample to the customer.

Once the customer receives the samples, they can place a large order with us and we will schedule the order for production and ensure on-time delivery.

Every opportunity to communicate is hard to come by so we will cherish it very much.

Every transaction is infrequent, so we are incredibly cautious.

Customer satisfaction is the greatest happiness of our factory.

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