Our Products

We offer a wide range of paper packaging products and accept customized patterns and samples.


We provide various forms of paper cannabis boxes, cannabis oil boxes, marijuana cigarette cases, and support customized various marijuana outer packaging.

Jewelry boxes are divided into drawer boxes, flip-top boxes, Lid and base boxes, etc. There are many kinds for selection.

The product is made of high-grade velvet material, which is textured to the touch and made of selected high-quality materials, which is more competitive than other companies’ products on the market, and the quality comes first.

Made from exclusive templates, the product is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for display as a jewelry showcase, accepting advanced customization requirements.

Provides various cards such as tarot cards, playing cards, fable story cards, early childhood literacy cards, script kill, werewolf kills, blind box draw cards, anime game cards, etc.

Shipping/Mailer boxes are foldable and non-foldable, made of kraft paper, cardboard, etc.