How does a CBD packaging factory work?

cannabis box factory trading process Picture

Cannabis box production is easy for us. With over a decade of experience and maturity in production, our factory has multiple quality checks and multiple departments working together to produce high-quality product packaging for our customers.

Please take a moment to understand the whole process of the transaction, and feel free to consult us.

1、Communication inquiry

We attach great importance to your letter, in addition to e-mail, you can communicate with us in time through WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social tools, which helps to serve you better.

(1) Your demand, what are your needs?

(2) The appearance, material, size, color, logo, and internal structure of the product

(3) Initial quotation according to the number of product needs and requirements

(4) Determine the price and quantity

2、Sample making

If necessary, we would like you to send us your marijuana case products for customization.

(1) Sample production completed within 7 to 10 days after determining the box type. We will listen to your opinions to modify and produce a sample that satisfies you.

(2) Sample Signing: we confirm the sample by picture and video. If you need, we can send you confirmation by mail, or by air.

(3) We will charge a sample fee, which includes the cost of making the sample and the shipping cost. In some events, make samples for free, but the customer has to pay for the shipping cost. In most cases, the sample fee is deducted from the cost of large orders.

3、Order production

(1) After receiving the samples, you can place an order with us if you feel satisfied.

(2) Sign the contract, and make sure it is a valid transaction by signing PI, PO, etc.

(3) Deposit: pay the first payment, usually 30%-50% of the contract amount

(4) After we receive the deposit, we will purchase the material and wait for the production schedule. We have a professional customer service team to communicate with you all the time and tell you the production progress so that you can control the whole product production process.

(5) After the order has been produced, you can arrange for a third-party sampling inspection. Of course, we have professional quality personnel to escort your products.

(6) After you confirm that it can be shipped, please pay the remaining final payment.

(7) For long-term customers, we accept a certain billing period.

4、Transportation delivery

After receiving the final payment, we will start to organize the shipment of marijuana paper boxes.

(1) Transportation methods: air freight (about 7-15 days), sea freight (about 45 days), car freight (about 60 days), depending on the time and cost, you can choose.

(2) Transportation cost: If it is agreed in the preliminary contract, we will arrange the delivery. If not agreed upon will be arranged after you choose the transportation method and pay the cost. You can transport yourself, we will give the goods to your designated consignee.

5、Order again

If you like our products, you can place another order. We will produce faster.

This cannabis packing trading process also applies to other products, including jewelry boxes, watch boxes, gift boxes, wine boxes, shoe boxes, etc.

Welcome customers who trade in good faith!

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